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Caterpillar Competition

In one of my UX classes, I had the opportunity to participate in the group competition Caterpillar Usability Day Challenge where we were tasked with creating a new solution for a login process. The whole process of creating our designs and having the opportunity to user test at Caterpillar was incredible. Our group ended up winning the competition.

In our group of four, I was responsible for creating the mobile login experience. After we decided on who our users were and what they needed, we created sketches of what the experience would look like. These helped make sure we were all on the same page and helped us work well together as a group.

I made preliminary screens and we took them to caterpillar to test. After testing, we discovered that users had a hard time understanding the need to link their account to their business address. We made changes and re-presented our designs to Caterpillars UX team, and our designs were chosen as the most successful. The screens at the top of the page are the final result.

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