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Bike Hire Project


The Bike Hire Project was completed for a branding class. Our brief was to create a bike hire brand that would be successful in Peoria, IL.

The first step I took was figuring out the goals of the users, and what their wants and pain points may be. I decided the best way to go was to appeal to the younger people of Peoria that want to explore their city and support local businesses.

After I figured out the users, I made a mood board to show both myself and my teacher what I wanted my designs to feel like. At this stage, I also brainstormed the different types of deliverables I wanted to create.

moodArtboard 18@4x.png

With the mood board complete, I moved onto the branding for the project.

For the colors of the brand, I landed on a bright blue for the primary color that gave the brand a happy and modern feel. I also created a gradient that could be used for backgrounds and highlights.

As for the font, I selected Serifa Std to be used as a display font in the logo.  

For headers,  I used a heavyweight of the Interstate font. This font reads well, and it is also unique. It works well with my selected colors and contributes to the fun modern feel.

I named my design Peoria Ride and created a logo that combined bicycles and Peoria. I used the city skyline to show that my design is a Peoria brand, and the banner gives it an outdoorsy, slightly hipster, feel. I also created a tagline for my brand, "Let’s get out there," which shows users the goal of the brand- to get out and explore Peoria.

Next came creating all the touchpoints for the project. These were different ways to advertise the brand, each with their own goal. The bus stop poster and the sidewalk paint were both ways to direct people to the nearest bike station. The poster would also recommend routes to take in Peoria and would promote local businesses. The billboard and the coupons were both designed to encourage people to visit the website and use the product. The coupons would be found in local businesses all around Peoria.


Arguably the most important part of the brief was creating the bike station. It needed to be eye-catching and instantly recognizable to draw customers in.

The bike wrap is made up of a blue gradient with the logo on the fender and the website advertised on the side. It also includes the train line design on the fender. The bikes are bright and instantly recognizable. 

The station includes a poster design that will show users nearby attractions and local businesses. These will be the local businesses that sponsored the program. The station also includes the logo and the train line design to help bring the brand together. 

Lastly, I created an app to go with the experience.

The app is broken up into five different tabs. The first screen that is shown after the splash screen is the home page. This includes a welcome message, the daily weather forecast, a nearby station locator, and a list of featured events for users to browse. These events could be used to advertise for the sponsors or show off promotions. 

The map page shows users a real-time map of stations and availability, as well as bike routes and directions to sponsors and other attractions.

The Stamp Collection page is a feature to attract and engage new users. Users are prompted to create an account and use the stamp collection to explore Peoria. If they collect a certain amount they could receive a reward like a t-shirt or stickers. Users would collect stamps by visiting specific locations and scanning a QR code with the built-in scanner. The locations selected would be sponsors or sponsored events.

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