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Once again, I'm Kat King!


In my UX work, I value strong fundamentals, a deep understanding of game design and psychology, and above all, the ability to pivot.

I love working on games that I wouldn't normally pick up myself. It's such a fun challenge to dive deep into a player base that I don't understand at first. By the end, I have a much better appreciation for the game type and its players!

My favorite genres of games are roguelikes/lites and puzzle games - don't ask me how many hours I have in The Binding of Isaac!

Some games that have inspired me recently are Tunic, Outer Wilds, Immortality, and Case of the Golden Idol.

I've worked GDC as a conference associate for the last three years - you might have seen me running around with a neon shirt on!

In my free time, I work on games for fun with my friends! You can read about our latest project Eleventh Hour here!


We're in the pre-production stage of a new project. This time, we're focusing on collaboratively finding our core gameplay loop and working out from there.

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